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Dava-Tech Group, Inc., a Georgia based technology corporation organized in 2015, has completed development of its next generation cloud-based access control technology.

Our exciting new authentication system, developed under the protection of U.S. patent, is touch-free and now available to all developers for inclusion into their products and services. In the past, secure authentication technologies required troublesome and error-prone interactions with the user. PINS, pictures, texts, authentication codes, dongles, USB keys, timed sessions etc, became loathed by the public at large before they even got off the ground.

Utilizing our highly secure user device verification process, developers can now eliminate troublesome user interactions and the inherent user inconveniences created by those older solutions.

Dava-Tech's robust authentication technology, previously available through an on-premise installation, has been reimagined to bring our next generation technology to the cloud and beyond.

Our next generation touch-free technology brings together the industry truisms of "Simpler is better." and

"A product that isn't easy to use, isn't used." Dava Tech has developed a non-intrusive and

transparent procedure to solve the most problematic issues of 2FA.

“2FA adds too many steps! I make split second decisions!”

"I do not want to give you my mother's maiden name!"

"I don't want to provide my phone number, I get enough robocalls!"

On the administration side we asked these questions:

How extensible is the solution?

How scalable is it?

How can it protect in various authentication scenarios?

Dava-Tech's solution can protect not only in the macro but in the micro. It can whittle down your attack surface

from millions of potential connection threats to one or two. It can protect your microtransactions by demanding seamless

re-authentication at any time, with no user interaction! Leveraging Dava-Tech's software API you can build

the applications you've always dreamed of and provide them securely to your users.

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