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Authen Digital Developer Portal ( Authen Cloud ) is designed exclusively for implementation by Developers and IT Managers, It is a place for controlling and managing your Authen Digital Licenses, for downloading SDKs and contacting support. You may also want to try our official Administration app for iOS, Authen Cloud or build your own in-house administration app using the 

Authen Cloud SDK.

That’s all you need to get onboard with Authen Digital. If you have more than one group of users or multiple applications, you may want to manage each of them independently which is possible with Authen Cloud. You can have as many licenses as you need for each of your groups or apps. 

Control & manage them with Authen Cloud SDK

or with our Authen Cloud Admin app.

Try Authen Digital® for free and see for yourself how it can protect your users’ account access. 

Create a free account on Authen Cloud, then go to the Licenses menu and get a free demo license.

If you need help, you may open a support ticket and our engineers will be ready and happy to assist you.

List of Licenses

Dashboard View - Licenses

License detail and options

License Detail & Options

* Authen Cloud is currently in Beta version

API Examples

The following code examples show how to use device authentication using the Swift language version of the Authen Digital client library. The developer experience for other languages is nearly the same.

API methods/functions in use ( Swift )

import AuthenCloud



func AuthenticateDevice()->Result? {


    let response = AuthenCloud.authenticate()

    return response


Authen Cloud for iOS

After you start using Authen Digital®, you will likely want to use our official Authen Cloud Admin app for iOS available for free in the App Store. This app contains deep management functions surrounding your licenses and devices as well as quick and easy insight into logs.

  • Sign-in protected by Authen Digital®
  • Administration of devices ( unlimited )
  • Linking of licenses to specific devices
  • License Users management
  • License User devices management
  • Activity log access
  • Built with SwiftUI using Authen Cloud SDK

Available for iOS ( free )

Windows and Mac versions are coming soon !

When 2FA started everyone thought it was the solution to fix credential leaking problems. In fact, it was, which is why almost every serious company adopted it. The downside was that users were flooded with an increasingly cumbersome number of steps to get into their accounts. Worse, each system had its own requirements and methods adding to a dizzying array of login methods. It was all a big leap from the familiar username/password metaphor they had become accustomed to. For administrators the nightmare had only just begun. Perhaps, worst of all, for casual users that don't possess good tech skills, dealing with tokens, SMS codes ( giving away their phone numbers ), nonsense question & answer sessions, physical dongles and sticks are downright intimidating with many users forgoing usage of services at all.

Stop the madness. Try Authen Digital®.

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