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The world’s first 2FA with no tokens/codes required

The technology involves a highly encrypted mix of the user’s device characteristics and is processed using

Digital Intelligence. The process is automatic, Touch-Free, transparent and requires no user action or involvement.

Every attempt to authenticate, successful or not is logged and available via the Authen Digital Admin SDK. You may use logging as actionable intelligence, to disable an account, or monitor or notify the user about suspicious activities and additionally gain some insight into the attacker.

How it works?

Authen Digital®’s patented technology simply ties a computer or device(s) to a user account. Access is granted to an account only from specific devices. An authentication attempt, even one possessing correct user credentials, will fail if is not from an approved device. Unknown devices are simply rejected. Phishing no longer works. MITM no longer works. Password sharing, SIM hijacking and SMS interception no longer works. Authen Digital® works by severely limiting what is useful to an attacker.

How do users register their devices?

Authen Digital’s SDK provides all the API’s you need to manage user device authentication. 

To start, activate the protection for the user and Authen Digital® will enroll the device. From an authenticated device, new devices can be inserted, removed or disabled. With Authen Digital’s SDK you can build a device manager section for your users and give them the ability to manage their devices, or If you are in a situation where you need strict controls you can limit the management only by administrators.

What if users lose a device ?

The user can sign-in using another registered device and disable or remove the lost device. If the user has no other registered device, your support team can help by disabling the user’s lost device and inserting a new one.
You may also automate this process using the Authen Cloud SDK. Check the SDK documentation for more details.

What is Authen Cloud ?

Authen Cloud is the developer portal to manage your Authen Digital® licenses and where authentication takes place. To use Authen Digital® you must create a free account on Authen Cloud, setup your licenses, download the SDKs and documentation for the platform you would like to implement in your application.


We do care about privacy. It is not possible for us to identify users, nor do we keep any data other than the encrypted device hash and the username provided within Authen Digital. All data is stored within Authen Cloud servers around the world under your account services ID. Dava Tech does not share or sell any data with third party companies and all data is completely deleted when a user or his devices and accounts are removed from the service.

How can I start using Authen Digital ?

First, create a free account on our Developer Portal ( link below ), then get your demo license and download the SDK for your platform to test in your application and devices. If you need help, you may open a support ticket and our engineers will be ready and happy to assist you. 




Authen Digital® achieves its high level of security using patented, access-control technology. Rather than defending against the whole of the internet, Authen Digital® reduces the number of authorized devices capable of accessing your systems. 

Without a proper device, password theft or shared credentials become meaningless.

No tokens.

No codes.


No dongles.

No picture.

No maiden names.

No credential sharing.

No fishing.

No typing beyond the familiar username and password.

Try our Demo

This is the fastest and easiest way to see and understand Authen Digital®. Unlike many demos we aren't out to give you the hard sell. The demo app simply emulates a user account protected with only username and password and lets you activate Authen Digital as protection. Once activated try logging in with your same username and password from another device. Think about it! After you see how simple it is to sign-in without the need of entering authentication codes or other extra steps. Think about how nice it is to have an invisible security solution and how you can leverage it within your own applications or web services. Remember the demo is a simple app with sample code built with our API and doesn't even scratch the surface of what it is fully capable of. 

Be sure to check out the device management and logging capabilities as well;

all of which can help you automate your security functions 

with Digital Intelligence(TM).

Available for iOS & Android

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